Günesdogan Lab

Department of Developmental Biology

University of Göttingen, Germany

Elsa finished her Master’s thesis


Congratulations to Mila and Julia, who are the first students in our group to complete their thesis!

Many congratulations to Cera, who was awarded a PhD fellowship by the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds!

Our paper with Jamie Hackett and Azim Surani on identifying new regulators of mouse PGC differentiaion using a CRISPR screen is published in Nature communications: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-018-06230-0

The Sofja Kovalvaskaja Award sponsored by the Humboldt foundation and the Federal Ministry for Education and Research provides funding for five years enabling awardees to establish their own research group: https://www.humboldt-foundation.de/web/press-release-2017-21.html